Sugar Rush


Welcome to Sugar Rush.....

A trip to Mull isn't complete without a visit to Tobermory's very own Traditional Sweet Shop

Sugar Rush

Want to relive your childhood by buying your sweets weighed out in a paper bag?  It might be a 100g measure instead of the old-fashioned "quarter" but the sweets taste just as good!


We have everything from aniseed balls to sherbet lemons, pear drops to bonbons, liquorice allsorts to dolly mixture, toffees, mints and coconut sweets

We also stock Traditional Scottish sweets such as Edinburgh Rock, Cinnamon Balls, Ginger Creams, Rhubarb Rock, Clove Rock, Iron Brew Rock and Soor Plooms

Children of today don't seem to be able to resist anything sour and we have the sourest sweets you can imagine in our Super Sour Bombs..we dare you to try them!

Jelly Babies

As well as the Traditional weighed out sweets, we offer everything from Tobermory Rock, Isle of Mull Shortbread, homemade Scottish Tablet, creamy fudge bars in Whisky, Clootie Dumpling and Gaelic Coffee flavours as well as Macaroon bars in Chocolate, Vanilla and even Iron Brew! Retro sweets like candy whistles and necklaces, Fizz Wiz, chew bars, fruit salad, blackjack and flying saucers...we have them all!

Don't miss'll need those sweets for that walk up Ben More, the boat trip or land tour you're doing or for that long journey home.

.....Robin & Louise

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